The film buff’s ultimate companion tool

Search, save, and rate movies with ease. Make and share lists, or have AI make them for you. See what’s streaming on your watch providers and get email notifications when movies become available.

Powerful universal search

Quickly find any movie or person you’re looking for. See if movies are available to stream, rent, or if they are in theaters. Keyboard shortcuts make access to search just a keystroke away.

Search with Artificial Intelligence

With the power of AI, the universal search can also generate a list of movies based on a prompt you provide.

Save movies and create lists

Add movies you would like to see to your watchlist. Filter and sort your watchlist and find out where they are available to stream or rent. Create custom lists of movies for yourself or share them with friends.

Rate and log movies

Keep track of the movies you’ve seen by rating them. Adding the date you watched it will populate it on a filterable calendar. Logging movies you’ve seen will improve movie recommendations and affect Cinefiler’s rating score.

Streaming and rent availability

Pick your watch providers and easily filter movies by what is available on them. You can also opt into receiving email notifications when movies you have become available on your watch providers.

Install the web app

In Mobile Safari choose "Add to Home Screen" to install Cinefiler as a web app for a more native experience. In Chrome on a desktop computer, click the install prompt in the top right once you log in.

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